What Is a WAM?

A WAM (Web Audio Module) is simply an audio plugin format that lives in the web and can be used in your browser. This allows for instant access of demoing virtual instruments and effects. No downloading, no installing. WAMs can also be accessed in Amped Studio, the online music studio that supports the new WAM format.

At WAM.fm you can test in these instruments with a two bar sequencer and virtual keyboard. Draw in notes, hit play and the sequencer will loop your two bars allowing you to play with the instrument presets and settings to give it a thorough play through. You can even save your little creation to your Amped Studio account if you are a registered user.

How can I use WAMs?

To use a WAM to create music a supported host DAW or studio is needed. Currently, Amped Studio is the only online DAW that supports WAMs.

Once a WAM is purchased it will automatically be added to your account and can be accessed from the WAM device in Amped Studio.

For developers

WAM.fm is a platform for you developers to distribute WAMs and for users to extensively try them online before they buy them.

WAMs are developed in Javascript or C++/WebAssembly using WAMSDK, which provides a thin layer to boost both new developments and ports of existing C++ DSP code to web. The WAM API is open and community controlled at webaudiomodules.org. If you are a developer who would like to create a WAM or port an existing plugin you have, please contact us through webaudiomodules.org or ampedstudio.com

Together we can revolutionize how to make music on the web!