DEXED Synthesizer

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DEXED is an emulation of the DX7 synthesizer produced by Yamaha in the 1980’s which utilized FM synthesis (Frequency Modulation). The DX7 was one of the most popular synths of it’s time and appeared on tracks by Duran Duran, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Scritti Politti, Chaka Khan – it was almost mandatory in 80´s pop – as well as Eno, Aphex Twins, Vangelis. With software emulations like DEXED, FM synthesis is also used by contemporary artists like Skrillex and Squarepusher.

DEXED comes with 7 banks and 32 presets in each bank. The original DEXED was developed by Pascal Gauthier of Digital Surburban and released as an extremely popular free VST. WAM implementation by Jari Kleimola.

This WAM is available for free in Amped Studio.